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Our Story

A Brief History

After farming for 20 years, Jim Larsgaard (founder and owner of Country Sunshine, Inc.) retired from farming in Northeastern North Dakota, and his youngest son took over. In the spring of 2019, Jim (then having been on the faculty of a university in the Southeast US for 17 years) purchased a jar of CBD cream for his wife’s aching bunion. The pain relief results on her bunion were better than any other pain-relief products she had tried. Upon considering where CBD comes from (i.e., a farm like his) and how the products are produced, Jim decided to develop a line of CBD products that would be pure, natural, organically raised, and a leader in the industry for being effective.  

Jim Larsgaard, co-owner of Country Sunshine Inc

How and Where Country Sunshine, Inc.’s Products are Made

After a considerable amount of planning, in June of 2020 the first 10-acre field of hemp with high CBD and a strong terpene profile was planted on the North Dakota farm. After considerable work with weed control using no chemicals (i.e., pulling many by hand) the crop was ready to harvest in September 2020. 

Country Sunshine, Inc. harvests its hemp with a self-propelled harvester that takes the entire plant. The harvested hemp is loaded in forage wagons and transported to the on-farm drying facility. After about four days of gentle drying (to preserve the terpenes), the dry hemp is run through processing equipment that separates the stems and twigs and puts the hemp flowers and leaves (called bio-mass) into large sacks called Super Sacks

Following the processing, the super sacks are transported to Phoenix AZ where the CBD is extracted from the bio-mass using a revolutionary new process known as “Pure5TM.”

The Pure5TM method of extraction is a state-of-the-art way to gently extract high-quality oils, flavors, and scents out of organic US grown hemp, while keeping the natural flower potency. The Pure5TM solvent (R134a) is safe for human health, nontoxic, and FDA approved and qualified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) under FDA standards. More can be learned about the Pure5TM extraction method here.

After the CBD is extracted from the biomass, while still at the extraction facility, it is then carefully combined in a sterile environment with other natural substances to become Country Sunshine, Inc.’s highly effective natural products.

Country Sunshine's field of green hemp in North Eastern North Dakota

The Unique and Special Aspects of Country Sunshine, Inc.’s Products

Our hemp varieties are selected based in part on strong terpene profiles, and high CBD content. Additionally, our hemp is raised organically without herbicides, fungicides, or other harsh chemical.

Our Pure5TM extraction process is a state-of-the-art exclusive way to gently extracted oils, flavors, and scents out of organically grown US hemp, while keeping the natural flower potency. This process uses no harsh chemicals, and it is conducted at near room-temperature so that the characteristics of the extract are not altered by heat.

Each batch of our products is manufactured of the finest extracts obtained by gently extracted plants using natural extraction processes which preserves the original plant potency. Additionally, our products are manufactured with a carefully selected set of ingredients, and without the use of artificial flavors or colors, and then they are inspected and tested by a third-party lab for contaminants.

Our retail products are compliant with Federal and State laws with the THC content being below .3% in all of our products. These products are all 100% natural, and our customers have reported great results when using Country Sunshine, Inc. products. – this stuff works!

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